Female Beis Din Directors


During a discussion in the Knesset Legislative Committee, committee chairman Uri Maklev of UTJ complained of the High Court’s demand that tenders for new botei din directors must be available for female applicants as well as male applicants.

“The position is not purely administrative but also judicial,” Maklev said, noting that “both procedure and conduct of a judgment as well as sanctions are related to halacha.”

Attorney Batya Kahana Dror, director of the Mavoi Satum agunah advocacy group and one of the people who petitioned the High Court in the first place, responded to Maklev’s complaint.

“As we try to make a small change the Ministry of Justice a long-standing discrimination continues which is incompatible with any sector and law,” she wrote. “In both religious and procedural matters, women can give what it takes. Should the religious characterization of the job prevent a woman from doing it? Reality has changed. The court ruling instructs that everything must be done to help women join the system and not impede them with restrictive regulations.”

{Matzav.com Israel News}


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