Fellow Yidden, You Made Us Proud


naftoliFrom the Editors:

We have received an unprecedented response from readers to our Featured Video titled “Naftoli’s Dream.” We received hundreds of emails yesterday alone, with readers asking for more information about Naftoli, such as his name for Tehillim and where donations can be sent to. Never before did any single video on Matzav.com trigger such a powerful response. We are swamped with correspondence from readers all over the globe.

We are asking those associated with Naftoli to contact us and furnish us with the information so that we can pass it on to the tens of thousands who have viewed the video and wish to help.

All we can say is: Mi keamcha Yisroel. Yidden watched a video about a fellow Yid they don’t know and their first instinct was to write to us to ask how they can help and for whose name they should daven.

How beautiful it is. How beautiful is our nation. Maybe it is time to convene a large gathering for the sole purpose of paying tribute to Am Yisroel. There is no nation more deserving.

Thank you Klal Yisroel for touching our hearts.


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  1. Please post a public contact (I mean on this site, of course). Everyone wants to help and would like to know how to do so.

    Thank you for giving us the zechus to be involved with this special family. May they have nachas from all their children.

  2. i was also very moved after hearing naftali’s story. yes, we are a beautiful nation. “mi keamcha yisroel” is a rhetorical question i ask G-d every day. even though i can’t contribute a large amount, i, nevertheless, would like to do what i can. please provide
    us with all the details as to where to send the funds.

  3. I just watched the video, and felt tears come to my eyes. Please put a link as to where donations can be sent.


  4. Tax Deductible donations should be made out to
    Mivtach Oz
    c/o Rabbi and Rebbetzin Richter
    10 Roman Blvd.
    Monsey, NY 10952

  5. “Maybe it is time to convene a large gathering for the sole purpose of paying tribute to Am Yisroel”

    Ok, now let’s not go crazy.

  6. Rabbi and Rebbitzen Lichter
    Mrs. Shlezinger

    If you would like to send a check directly to the family in Israel you can send a check to:
    Eliyahu Cohen
    8 Shomrei Emunim Street
    Apt. 20
    Jerusalem, Israel


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