Felder: No More Than Ten Pieces to Be Burned


biur-chometzCouncil Member Simcha Felder (D – Brooklyn) encourages Yidden to exercise caution during the upcoming Yom Tov, particularly during biur chometz on Erev Pesach. Felder encourages Yidden to abide by the Fire Department’s limit of ten pieces of chometz for burning. The FDNY has stated that this rule will be strictly enforced and that any firefighter who observes a larger amount being burned has been instructed to promptly extinguish the fire.”These rules exist for everyone’s well-being,” says Felder. “I wish everyone a safe and wonderful Yom Tov.”

Families are encouraged to ensure that fires are supervised by a mature, responsible adult with easy access to water or a fire extinguisher. Fires should be kept away from parked cars and the use of aluminum foil, paint thinners, lighter fluids or any other flammable liquids is strongly discouraged. Fully extinguished chametz should be put at the curb in plastic bags by Wednesday morning, April 8th for collection.

{Elisha Ferber-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. In Passaic NJ there is a communal fire where there is one huge dumpster and the entire town comes to do Biur Chometz in one location under the supervision of the Fire Department. There are no street burnings and fires on every block. Why can’t Brooklynites act like civilized human beings and do the Mitzvah in a normal way and not create a mess on every block ?

  2. An essential component of acting civilized is refraining from insulting other communities. There are more dignified ways to express a position.


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