Felder Eyes $189,700 City Finance Commissioner Position


simchafelderSources say that New York City Councilmember Simcha Felder is eyeing the job of City Finance Commissioner, which pays a hefty $189,700 annually. The position opened up last April when former commissioner Martha Stark quit following revelations that she had a close friend and relatives on the payroll. Michael Hyman was appointed Acting Commissioner of Finance on May 4, 2009, but political insiders think Felder is making a play for the spot.

The job could be his if Mayor Michael Bloomberg is re-elected.

Stark was only one of two African-American commissioners in the Bloomberg administration, the other being Human Rights Commission head Patricia Gatling.

When questioned about the move, Felder said he was thinking only about a third term in the City Council.

{YourNabe/Matzav.com Newscenter-Elisha Ferber}



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