Felder Denounces Revival of Proposed Plastic Bag Tax


plastic-bagNew York State Senator Simcha Felder stated: “I was disheartened to learn that this absurd plastic bag tax legislation requiring consumers to pay 10 cents for paper and plastic bags at retail and grocery stores has once again reared its ugly head in the City Council.

“This legislation, should it become law, will place an undue financial burden on countless New Yorkers who are still reeling from MTA and toll increases, rising food costs, and soaring gasoline prices. This is nothing more than a tax disguised as an eco-friendly initiative. If 19 members of the City Council are looking to raise money on the backs of hard-working and struggling New Yorkers, let them have the courage to say so instead of hiding behind poorly-veiled environmental excuses. While these City Council members are busy seeing green, New Yorkers will surely be seeing red.

“This tax scheme hearkens back to 2008 when Mayor Bloomberg tried to charge six cents for the use of plastic bags. At that time, I protested the Mayor’s proposal and took the City’s budget director to task during a hearing. I opposed the measure back then and still disapprove of it today.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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