Feinstein To Trump: Pick Nominee Who Will “Bring The Nation Together”


Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee, talked to President Trump last week and urged him to make a consensus pick.

They didn’t talk names of possible Supreme Court nominees, Feinstein said. She said she’s not comfortable with the final four list.

Feinstein said she urged the President to make a pick who will “bring the nation together.” Senator Schumer also reached out to President Trump about his choice, suggesting the President nominate Merrick Garland, the federal judge chosen by President Obama but who was replaced by Neil Gorsuch when Trump won the elections.




  1. Bring the nation together? Strange request from a woman and party.that have divided the nation since the President got elected.

  2. the nation is together. you cant have 300,000.000 people to have same outlook. thata why we vote…ok! not together is when you want to turn into communist nation

  3. Contrast Senator Feinstein’s high-minded appeal to Republicans’ better nature (now that her party is out of power) with then-President Obama’s arrogant, dismissive “I won” to Republicans when the Democrats were in power.

  4. Well, that has to do with the Democrats knowing how to use a victory. I have no problem with that. Elections have consequences. There is always a winner and a loser. The problem is, it’s the dumb stupid week kneed Rinos who always play defense once they actually win. Always apologize for winning. Always bend over backwards to make nice to the party THAT JUST LOST. Fold like a cheap camera as soon as a msnbc host calls you the dreaded R A C I S T word! Apologize for being WHITE and successful. Always capitulate to the losing minority. I wish the Republicans had an Eric Holder version of their own. Do what the voters put you in power to do. NEVER EVER APOLOGIZE for carrying out the mandate of the voters. Give the crying opposition the finger. Divide and Conquer. Accomplish all of your goals. Get things done. Reload and wait for the next election.
    Kasich, Bush and Romney are classic examples of backstabbing Rinos.


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