Feinstein, Newsom Win Slots In California


The year’s biggest day of primary elections – with voters in eight states casting ballots in hundreds of congressional, state and local contests – closed Tuesday with two well-known Democrats prevailing in marquee California races while the outcomes of other key contests in the state could stay unresolved for days.

Dianne Feinstein, at 84 making another bid for the Senate seat she has held since 1992, was projected the winner. Gavin Newsom, the state’s lieutenant governor, was projected the winner of the race to succeed the term-limited Gov. Jerry Brown, D, and led Republican John Cox in early returns.

In California, where President Donald Trump is deeply unpopular, Democratic Party officials are targeting at least a half-dozen seats in the state now held by Republicans, which could put them well on the way to flipping the 23 House seats they need to claim the majority.

(c) 2018, The Washington Post · Mike DeBonis and David Weigel



  1. Feinstein is 84??!! Maybe there should be age limits, instead of term limits, so we could get rid of the senile, demented, old bat.

    • You’re forgetting. CA is the most corrupt immoral state of the entire US where lawlessness runs amok headed by corrupt Democrats.

  2. Gavin Christopher Newsom, YIMACH SHEMO V’ZICHRO, is one of THE biggest Toeiva advocates to ever walk the face of the earth!! In March, 2000, voters in California had overwhelmingly approved Proposition 22, which had reaffirmed the obvious truth that marriage is only between a man and a woman. When he was the Mayor of San Francisco though, Mr. Newsom openly and brazenly totally flaunted the law as, in front of the City Hall, he publicly performed MANY THOUSANDS of Toeiva (so-called) “weddings.” When in the general election of 2008, voters in California approved Proposition 8, which put the content of Prop 22 into the state constitution, and later, when Prop 8 was attacked before the U.S. Supreme Court, needless to say, Mr. Newsom was one of Prop 8’s biggest enemies.

    Please be Mispallel to Hashem that Mr. Newsom DOES NOT, Chas V’Shalom, become the Governor of California!!!!!!!!!!


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