Feds OK Mayor Bloomberg’s Change to NYC Term-Limits Law, Allowing Him a Third Run


bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg’s change to city term-limits law won approval from the federal government a short while ago, clearing the final hurdle for the billionaire to run for a third term this year. Under the Voting Rights Act, the Justice Department must approve modifications to voting rules in New York City as a way to prevent those changes from discriminating against voters.Last fall Bloomberg persuaded the City Council to extend the term limits law so that he could run for a third consecutive four-year term. He began exploring the idea of running again after he decided last year not to launch an independent bid for president.

Opponents, including Democratic mayoral candidate William Thompson Jr., argued in letters to the Justice Department that the change to term-limits law discriminates against minorities.

They said the two-term limit created a greater number of open seats more often in city elected positions, giving non-white candidates more opportunities.

In a letter sent to the city attorney, the Justice Department disagreed.

“The attorney general does not interpose any objection to the specified changes,” wrote Christopher Coates, chief of the Justice Department’s Voting Section.

{The Seattle Times Company/Matzav.com NewsCenter}



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