FDA Warns Against Using Young People’s Blood To Prevent Aging


Taking a young person’s plasma and infusing it into an older person to ward off aging — a therapy that’s fascinated some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley – has no proven clinical benefit, the Food and Drug Administration said.

The agency issued a safety alert on Tuesday about the infusion of plasma from young donors for the prevention of conditions such as aging or memory loss, or for the treatment of such conditions as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease or posttraumatic stress disorder.

“There is no proven clinical benefit of infusion of plasma from young donors to cure, mitigate, treat or prevent these conditions, and there are risks associated with the use of any plasma product,” the FDA said in a statement from Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Peter Marks, head of the agency’s biologics center.

The idea of infusing young blood to fight aging has attracted technology entrepreneurs like billionaire Peter Thiel and was lampooned in a 2017 episode of the HBO show “Silicon Valley.” Thiel’s reported interest was sparked by a company called Ambrosia, which has locations in five states across the U.S. and sells one liter of blood plasma from donors between the ages of 16 and 25 for $8,000, according to its website.

Gottlieb and Marks said none of the plasma treatments has gone through the rigorous testing required by the agency. Ambrosia says “experiments in mice called parabiosis provided the inspiration to deliver treatments with young plasma.” The FDA approval typically requires human trials before companies can make a specific health claim about a product.

“The reported uses of these products should not be assumed to be safe or effective,” Gottlieb and Marks said. “We strongly discourage consumers from pursing this therapy outside of clinical trials under appropriate institutional review board and regulatory oversight.”

Plasma, the liquid portion of blood, contains proteins to help the blood clot. Plasma infusion is an approved use by the FDA in trauma settings or in patients whose blood doesn’t coagulate. But, the FDA says, there are risks, including allergic reactions, circulatory overload, lung injury and infectious disease transmission.

“We’re concerned that some patients are being preyed upon by unscrupulous actors touting treatments of plasma from young donors as cures and remedies,” Gottlieb and Marks said. “Such treatments have no proven clinical benefits for the uses for which these clinics are advertising them, and are potentially harmful.”

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  1. Total sham.

    The world must have blood donors. We are healthy to give depending on our kosher perspective.

    I think that these people are so ignorant that they avoid doctors and feel they have their own way to make science count when they do not even realize the best respect of G-d and mind is to employ science for harder looks like nutrition. A good diet will starve off aging more than anything else. There is science in learning the amino acids that are in your food and deciding what you want to eat that other sources produce.

    Natural always the best. If you do not eat carrots and tomatos every day and you still take coffee instead of tea, wonder if you are healthy. I stopped drinking coffee and am very happy. Tea to health.

    Rabbis have been seen in best health with carrot juice. Tomato juice too is wonderful. Why anyone would be so sick to deify a dracula vein culture is beyond me.

    Thank you matzav. This intrigues the doctor in me.

    What a world.

  2. #1 You’re so naive. Do some research on Queen Elizabeth and other elites devils who live so long. You’ll be in for a shocker. Read up on adrenochrome.

    • Read up on Planned Parenthood, the new full-term abortion law and Satanic Sacrifices with children and babies to understand the depth of the evil elites. (Many of whom have already been arrested.)

      • Thank you Anonymous, we know all about it already. Yidden have been accused throughout the centuries of using children’s and babies’ blood for “satanic” sacrifices, for “health” purposes by us “elite devils”, and in addition, to bake matzos. i suppose you think I am naive and that according to your “research”, the elites feed blood matzos to their dogs.

        • To 7:06 Are you saying that this article is fake, that PP is fake, that late term abortions fake, and people are not using children’s blood to prevent aging? How much longer will you live in la-la-land? When will you open your eyes and see what’s going on in the world instead of gobbling down everything mainstream fake news is shoving down your throat? Instead of ridiculing others with your silly comparison, get your head out of the sand and do a bit of research on any of these topics. (Don’t forget to come back to apologize for being motzi shem ra.) I know it’s hard to believe that all these evils (and much worse which I wouldn’t post) exists in this world.

        • Prince Phillip husband of Queen Elizabeth: In August 1988, he said: ‘In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.’

  3. My Mother is 95 and a holocaust survivor and is like 75. Goes to the senior center, takes care of herself. We give her good liquid vitamins and Co-Q ten.

  4. This “claim” is nothing new – it been around since the knife was invented. Blood-letting was also suppose to be therapeutic in the middle ages. ‘Doctors’ were draining blood from anyone who wanted. And then there were those who claimed that young blood was better.
    It obviously has some merit, as we have blood transfusions nowadays, but just to – literally – get some young blood, is just wrong.


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