FDA Approves Israeli Pill Camera to Screen Colon


pill-camA kinder, gentler approach to one of the most dreaded exams in medicine is on the way: U.S. regulators have cleared a bite-size camera to help screen patients who have trouble with colonoscopies.

The ingestible pill camera from Given Imaging is designed to help doctors spot polyps and other early signs of colon cancer. The Food and Drug Administration cleared the device for patients who have had trouble with the cringe-inducing colonoscopy procedure, which involves probing the large intestine with a tiny camera embedded in a four-foot long, flexible tube.

The Israeli company’s technology, developed from missile defense systems, uses a battery-powered camera to take high-speed photos as it slowly winds its way through the intestinal tract over eight hours. The images are transmitted to a recording device worn around the patient’s waist and later reviewed by a doctor. Read a full report here.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Every time I hear of new innovation and the amazing revolutionary ideas coming out of Israel, I always think of how much the people who support BDS are missing out 🙂 I wanna hear them refuse this pill for a traditional colonoscopy!

  2. I would hope that all those people and countries that are boycotting Israeli products also boycott this new device. After all they don’t want to like like hypocrites, do they?

  3. I agree with above. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the Doctor says, “Mr BDS, you have 2 options. The Israeli invented Colonoscopy pill, or the old treatment”

  4. I must point out that the actual exam is not so terrible at all. I know people who had it done without any drugs so that they could drive afterwards, and it was really nothing, they say. Now the policy of some clinics is to put patients to sleep period, and they have no choice. But, for Heaven’s sake, it is not do difficult even without that – under normal circumstances.


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