FBI Investigating If Clinton Aides Shared Passwords To Access Classified Info


The FBI is investigating whether computer passwords were shared among Hillary Clinton’s close aides to determine how sensitive intelligence “jumped the gap” between the classified systems and Clinton’s unsecured personal server, according to an intelligence source familiar with the probe, FOX NEWS says in an exclusive report.

The source emphasized to Fox News that “if [Clinton] was allowing other people to use her passwords, that is a big problem.” The Foreign Service Officers Manual prohibits the sharing of passwords.

Such passwords are required to access each State Department network. This includes the network for highly classified intelligence – known as SCI or Sensitive Compartmented Information – and the unclassified system, known as SBU or Sensitive But Unclassified, according to former State Department employees.

Read the full FOX NEWS exclusive report HERE.



  1. In the end, none of this will matter. The Liberal media will cover up for her and make sure that no charges are brought against her. She will turn this around and make it a campaign rallying cry. Hillary/media will claim the time tested battle cry: “this is all part of the right wing conspiracy and those evil white racist Republican chauvinistic males are waging a War On Women”!

  2. As Secretary of State she can share whatever information she wants with anyone and she certainly can as our next President.


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