FBI Chief Pushes Back After Trump Claims Reputation In ‘Tatters’

Christopher Wray, shown at his Senate confirmation hearing in July, was confirmed Tuesday. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Andrew Harrer

FBI Director Chris Wray on Thursday morning defended the integrity of the FBI, calling its employees “decent people committed to the highest principles of integrity and respect” just days after President Trump tweeted that the bureau’s reputation is “in tatters.”

“There is no shortage of opinions out there,” Wray said. “What I can tell you is the FBI I see is tens of of thousands of agents, analysts and staff working their tails off to keep America safe from the next terror attack. The FBI that I see… is brave men and women working as hard as they can to keep people that they will never know safe from harm.”

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  1. “To keep America safe from the next attack”

    What a bunch of hewey!

    Well, they certainly did a lousy job on Sep. 11th 2001! And that was AFTER the attack on Feb 26th 1993.
    Where were they when the San Bernardino terrorists attacked?
    Orlando night club?
    The attack on the bike path right near the Freedom tower?
    Etc, etc.
    Pretty boy, Chris Wray, is just another Comey in the making.
    They are not interested in defending America from terrorists because, then, Adam Schiff and the like, will call them R A C I S T S!!!
    Now, their main job is to go after Orthodox schools to make sure they’re using the government money to purchase computers. Make sure some yokel isn’t cheating on his taxes. Yeh, sure. Now I feel real safe. Sure.

  2. “highest principles of integrity and respect” the joke of the century. If Comey was the head of the FBI, it should tell you what the FBI is all about. Wonder who’s more corrupt, the FBI or CIA?

    • Answer: neither.
      The NSA is thee most corrupt taxpayer funded government agency! Mike Rogers is a criminal who should receive a lifetime imprisonment. All this fake news about the FBI/CIA not being able to access terrorists cell phones, is the biggest joke of the 21st century! The NSA is constantly monitoring taxpaying American citizens phone conversations. THAT IS THEIR JOB!!! Wake up! You, the taxpayers, have NO rights or privacy! Who do think leaked the name of PRIVATE CITIZEN, Michael Flynn? Yes, it was Mike Rogers at the NSA. How dumb can you sheeple be???!

  3. And what does the FBI Chief safe on Hillary’s anti-Trump’s dossier that was paid for by the FBI and then used it to wiretap Trump? Very honest and very decent people indeed…


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