Father Of Young Boy Who Was Saved From An Autopsy: Hashem Took A Diamond


A heartbreaking levaya took place Wednesday night at the  in Modi’in Illit for a nine-month-old toddler, Shimon Chaim Moskowitz, who died after choking on food at a babysitter’s house.

Hundreds of acquaintances and family members attended the levaya, which took place after the hospital released the mes without it undergoing an autopsy. The AG’s office called for the autopsy to ensure there was no foul play in the child’s death. Hafganos took place in multiple cities protesting the desecration and the judge relented, releasing the body to the family for a proper kevurah.

Not an eye remained dry during the father’s hesped.

“Yesterday I was in the hospital, we still had some hope for a miracle,” the father began. He brought the words of the Gemara about Rav Meir whose two sons had died on Shabbos, and his wife hid the news from him. The Gemarah relates that she asked Rav Meir whether a person should return an object he had received for safekeeping. Rav Meir said to her: My daughter, if someone has a deposit with him, does he not have to return it to his master ?!

“I am getting stronger and trying to believe that the time has come for the deposit to end,” the father continued. “Hashem took a diamond. ”




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