Fatah Official: Israel’s Condemnation of Arson Attack ‘Makes Me Hopeful’


Jibril Rajoub“I very much appreciate all the condemnations that were expressed by Israeli society,” senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub told Ynet in an interview following the hate crime that killed Palestinian infant Ali Dawabshe in Duma last week. “It makes me hopeful that the Israeli people have rejected this heinous crime that was committed in Duma.”

With that said, Rajoub clarified that he was not convinced by the condemnations that were uttered by the government in after the attack, specifically the condemnation aired by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Netanyahu and his right wing government are responsible, and stand behind every act of terror in the West Bank,” said Rajoub. “They incite and provide funding, security, and support to the ‘price tag’ bullies. The murder of a child is a dark stain. I hope that after the shock and the upheaval, Israeli society will wake up and understand that the true existential threat to Israel’s future is the occupation, and the settlements.” Read more at Ynet.

{Matzav.com Israel}


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