Fat Apple: Obesity Up 25% In NYC Under Nanny Bloomberg


bloombergReduce the obesity rate in New York City? Fat chance!

More New Yorkers than ever are living large, despite Nanny Bloomberg’s war on sugary drinks and fast foods, statistics obtained by The NY Post reveal.

The city’s obesity rate among adults has skyrocketed 25 percent since Mayor Bloomberg took office in 2002, city Health Department figures show.

That year, nearly one in five New Yorkers was considered obese. Now almost one in four is.

The figures are surprising given Gotham’s residents are doing better according to other health indicators.

For example, the percentage of adults who drink one or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day dropped to 28 percent last year from 36 percent in 2007, says the Health Department’s Take Care New York 2012 report. Read more at the New York Post.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Bloomberg’s plan to restrict sales of sugary drinks never was implemented; this is an argument to try it, not an argument that it failed!

  2. You can’t blame Bloomberg for people’s eating habits. He may have failed in legislating diet, but the problem is real and only getting worse. He probably should have just used city funds to promote healthy diet, and excercise. I for one, see a big change in the last 10 years in people’s openness to eating healthy. It was taboo years ago, and only for crazy “health nuts”.Today it is much more mainstream, especially when it comes to cigarettes and seat belts. It is something which Orthodox Jews should be fond of and promote, as it is known that the Rambam believed the excessive life expectancy before the flood was because of Diet. Rabbi Avigdor Miller was a big proponent of healthy Diet, as is Chacham Ovadia. Orthodox opinion is not always in line with the Republican Party.

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