Family Moved to Israel, And Their Lives Fell Apart



Many Jews around the world dream of a better life in Eretz Yisroel. For some however, the dream is complicated.

The Ben Dahan family made aliyah from French Polynesia in 2014, together with their three children. With optimism for their new future in the Jewish homeland, they settled into their modest apartment. Work, however, was harder than expected to come by: Mother Devorah began working as a high school teacher, but due to his poor Hebrew, father Daniel struggled to make sufficient income. Teenaged son Binyamin joined in the efforts to keep the household afloat.

Despite their best efforts, their situation recently took a turn for the worst. Unable to cover their rent, the Ben Dahan family is now homeless. They are currently living out of suitcases, sleeping on the floor of a friend’s living room. It is a humiliating situation for all involved. Devorah has started a Chesed Fund page in hopes of getting help to rent an apartment. The campaign page features an extremely emotional video. Son Binyamin addresses the camera, his voice choked with emotion:

“We can’t stay here forever. And I … my family … we don’t want to wind up on the street.”

It is truly an immigrant’s nightmare. Despite all members of the family working to make income, the Ben Dahan family has been put into an extremely difficult position. Those moved by their pain can help them get back on their feet by donating here for a limited time.


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