Family Fined For Singing Zemiros


M. of Ramat Gan complained to Bechadrei Chareidim that police fined him because of zemiros Shabbos.

“This took place about two months ago, when we returned from the Beis Knesses Hagadol after Mussaf around 1:30 p.m. and started the seudah,” he said. “With us were two talented boys, members of the choir of Beis Knesses Hagadol, and they sang solo.”

“Around 2:15 p.m., policemen came to the apartment and fined us,” he said, noting that boy scouts who make noise beneath the building every Shabbos are never disturbed.

M. said he intended to appeal the fine because otherwise police might show up every week.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Many years ago when I was bachur learning in Ererzt Yisroel we rented an apartment for Shabbos in the Tzefas area, it was approx 10 bachurim, very mature ehrliche bachurim , and in middle of the seuda the police knocked on the door and screamed at us that we were not allowed to sing zemiros, and if we didnt stoop we would be fined 300 shekel.

  2. Many buildings in Eretz Yisroel have agreed upon quiet times to allow families with young children (and perhaps grumpy old men) to get some much desired, if not needed, rest. It is possible that the noisy Boy Scouts (in Eretz Yisroel?) make their noise during permitted times, while the zemiros were being song during chofesh. Not everything that the anti-Chareidi police of the anti-Torah State, do can be categorized as a hate crime.

  3. Got fined for singing “Aishes Chayil” after mussaf and not on friday night.
    The wife must of called the police.

  4. The hatred the secular chilonim have for Frum people is astounding. There is no religious freedom in the State of Israel. Religious people are constantly being persecuted. That’s why I can never live in Israel. I hate Israel! Here in America we have religious freedom. We can serve our creator with fervor. The benevolent government protects our religious rights and doesn’t harass us. I would suggest that all frum people move OUT of Israel and let the haters of G-d self destruct. Let that filthy immoral bunch

  5. For those of you who think this story is fabricated or can’t be true,here is something I saw.
    Several years ago I was in Israel and on Ben Yehuda street in Yerushalayim there is a chabad center flying their yellow chabad flag from the second floor. A block up at that time the gay organization of Jerusalem had its offices flying the immoral gay flag from their second story window. The police fined chabad for their flag but refused to fine the gays for their flag. This is Israel unfortunately. Satmar and Neturei Karta have a point. Yes

  6. Hey Dacon9… why so sarcastic? You don’t live in EHK and never have! You’re from Argentina and now live in Manhattan! Put your own money where your hypocritical mouth is before ridiculing others for not doing what you haven’t done yourself!


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