Famed Assisted Suicide Advocate Jack Kevorkian Dies at Age 83


jack-kevorkianA lawyer and friend of Jack Kevorkian says the assisted suicide advocate has died at a Detroit-area hospital at the age of 83. Mayer Morganroth tells The Associated Press that Kevorkian died Friday morning at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where he had been hospitalized. He says nurses played classical music by Kevorkian’s favorite Johan Sebastian Bach before he died.

Kevorkian had been hospitalized since last month with pneumonia and kidney problems.

Morganroth says Kevorkian was conscious Thursday night and the two spoke about leaving the hospital and getting ready for rehabilitation.

Kevorkian was released from a Michigan prison in 2007 after serving eight years for second-degree murder. He claims to have assisted in at least 130 suicides.



  1. Although obviously against Halacha, for someone who isnt following that way of life I definitely understand where Dr. K was coming from. People were suffering from immense pain and dying and asked to be put out of their misery. The man was misguided obviously and violated many laws, but still I do understand where he is coming from.

  2. When I first heard the especially great news that this Geferliche Rasha – that this severely wicked man – had died, with the full Shaim U’Malchus, I said the B’racha for hearing especially great news: “Boruch Ata A—– E——– Melech HaOlam, HaTov V’HaMaytiv!”

  3. One of the main forms of evil that has been defiling our world especially in the current era is the total disregard of the sublime value of human life. The root of it, of course, is the total disregard of the DIVINE value of human life. This is that people, to a large extent, are atheists, which means they do not recognize that HaShem creates the world, and that HaShem creates the human being and endows the human being with a special position and task in the world.

    So if people think that a human being has nothing to do with any “G-D,” it is thus understandable that they will think that there is nothing really wrong with killing him or her! Especially if the human being is at the “edges” of life, i.e. is either a fetus in the womb before birth, or is extremely old, or is badly incapacitated by a severe illness, then people will certainly think that there is certainly nothing wrong at all with killing him or her!

    Mr. Kevorkian, Shaim Reshaim Yirkav, was definitely one of the key leaders and promoters of this form of evil. Now though, HaShem has just transferred him over to H-ll and is now giving him there his full punishment.

  4. The remark about murder that I just made in the above comment is explained by Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT’L in the following way. I can never forget the part of the tape of that lecture where Rav Miller asks the following pointed question:

    Suppose there is the following scenario: It is inside a classroom of a major college. The semester term has just finished; the time is now late at night after all the classes have ended and almost of the students and faculty have left the building. In this particular classroom though, the professor — a professor of biology — has been using the evening quiet to finish up the end of term paper work. For a little break, he gets up from his desk and walks over to and looks out of a large open window.

    At that moment, a student, who happens to be one of his students, is walking in the hallway and passes by the open door of that classroom. Glancing inside, he sees his professor leaning over with his head and shoulders stuck outside of the window. It just so happens to be that this student is quite a bum; he had done very few of the assignments, and thus the professor had given him an “F” for the course.

    The student also knows that directly below this window that the teacher is leaning out of, is the incinerator, and at this time, the incinerator is on, burning at full heat. So if the teacher were to fall in there, he would be quickly burnt up well beyond recognition. Then, early each morning, the contents of the incinerator bin are emptied and taken away by the local scavenger company. The student further knows that his instructor is not married, so with no family and the school now on vacation, if the instructor were to be killed, it would probably be a good few days, maybe even a good few weeks, before anyone even realized that he had been missing.

    Furthermore, this science professor, whom this student is enraged at for failing him, this very science professor himself taught in this biology course — and this student was there and heard it many times — that there is no such thing as any kind of a “god”! Rather, he explained that all of the different life forms in the world are merely the results of different sets of extensive complex chemical reactions that “evolved” over the years.

    So Rav Miller asked: “In this student’s mind — with what he has been taught that there is no G-D, and with his assessment that the police will never be able to figure this one out — is there any reason why he should not go over to where his teacher is leaning out the window, and, from behind the teacher, push him all the way out of the window down into the burning incinerator????”


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