Fake Techeiles Near Eilat


The Plos One scientific journal reported the discovery of ancient dyed fabrics at the historical Timna copper mining and smelting site near Eilat. Preserved by the arid climate, many of the fabrics were dyed with indigo blue, a dye sometimes sold by unscrupulousness traders in lieu of techeiles extracted from the chilazon fish.

The skillfully spun and woven textile fragments at the Timna site dated from the era of Dovid and Shlomo. They were colored with red dye extracted from the madder plant and blue dye extracted from indigo type plants. No genuine techeiles was identified.

The fabrics’ presence at the mine indicated the presence of an elite group, possibly skilled smelters, besides the slaves or forced laborers who did the simple labor.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. One look and I could tell this sheker. I’m Sure very sure they have used bleached borscht for this uniform coloring. You can’t fool me, no way.

  2. The article says that no genuine techeiles was identified. It is difficult to identify genuine techeiles when you have no samples of genuine techeiles to compare them with.
    However, chemically speaking, if the Plos One scientific community were to chemically test the fabric and the blue dye contained therein, they would have no way to scientifically conclude that the dye was indigo blue and not the recently touted Techeiles dye from the Murex snail. This is because, chemically, they are exactly the same. This is one of the most potent proofs that the Murex snail dye is not genuine Techeiles.

  3. Why do you have a weird headline just write they found a Indigo dying plant many of them existed in the ancient world it is cheaper then techeiles.

  4. Assuming this is genuine Kala Ilan, we at least know that this is the color of techeiles since Chazal were so scared by this imitation that they essentially announced that only Hakadosh Baruch Hu will be able to tell the difference and punish the unscrupulous seller.


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