FAKE NEWS: Times of Israel, Others Falsely Paint Chareidim as “Violent” After El Al Erev Shabbos Debacle



  1. They should never have been on that flight. Even the scheduled landing time was too late. When are people going to wake up and learn not to travel too close to Shabbos. Then when something goes wrong they get all religious with a peaceful protest. Ask your rov how long before Shabbos is appropriate.

  2. Sure is Fake News. Former National Union lawmaker and Arutz Sheva Group Chairman Yaakov ‘Ketzale’ Katz denied reports that haredim became violent on an El Al flight that landed on Shabbat.
    The reports were dismissed by Katz, who had been a passenger on the plane. In an interview with Arutz Sheva, the former legislator said that while there had been stress and drama, no haredim were rioting or pushing the flight crew.
    “Everything is lies,” said Katz. “The captain lied the entire way and said untrue things. He said that we were soon leaving, that we would land before Shabbat, he said that he was returning to the gate but instead of returning to the gate he went and took off.”

    The allegations were also denied by Israel Hayom haredi affairs correspondent Yehudah Shlezinger. Writing on Facebook, Shlezinger, who was on the flight, said that El Al lied to the passengers and that the flight had only taken off due to the flight crew having arrived late.
    “They sat us on the plane and each time they told lies, ‘The flight attendants are already here,’ ‘We’re leaving,’ ‘We’re first in line,’ ‘We’re on the fast lane'” he wrote. “Three hours on the plane, lots of lies. Passengers who wanted to go down were refused, and the captain promised unequivocally: ‘we will arrive an hour or half an hour before Shabbat.’
    “No passengers were beaten. None were threatened. They did not burst into the cockpit. They asked for answers,” added Shlezinger, who promised to share videos of the incident.

  3. Sorry to tell you, but there was one family who absolutely had to be on that flight… because unfortunately they had a young family member flying in cargo… For G-d’s sake stop being judgmental!


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