FAKE NEWS: Israeli Media Portrays Chareidi as Unruly On Plane, Rather Than Singing (Video)


The Israeli media is guilty of #FakeNews perhaps even more than some of its American counterparts.

Reporting on the El Al debacle this past Friday, when delayed flights were going to be flying on Shabbos in contravention of the airline’s policy not to desecrate the holy day, Israel’s Channel 10 seemingly added shouts to a video in which religious Jews are singing, with the channel’s reporters telling viewers that the religious passengers attacked the stewards.

See the original video:

Now see Channel 10’s video:

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Agree. The time has come to teach the Tzionim to appreciate the Orthodox Yidden as the ones who support E”Y and care for E”Y vs the Reform and Conservative that do not do either. The Reform an Conservative are there only to cause tension and problems.
    Am Echad has made it clear to the Israeli gov’t that the pure economics generated by the frum oilam is far in excess of anything that the R & C do for E”Y (the only thing they do better that the frum Yidden is pushing the BDS movement against Israel in the universities and stick up for the Palestinians – even better than the Niturei Karta)
    Time to BOYCOTT El Al. All aboard

  2. we are our own worst enemy. why do we immediately believe the loshon horah when we KNOW it could never have happened like it is portrayed?


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