Fake Army? N. Korea Parades Fake Hardware


North Korea is flexing its military muscles again this week, but a closer look at images of the Hermit Kingdom’s soldiers reveals that the fighting force may be better suited for propaganda than actual battle.

Some of the most memorable images to emerge from North Korea’s dramatic parade featured the special operations “commandos” who were carrying what appeared to be AK-47’s with grenade-launching capabilities. It turns out that what many people believed to be grenade launchers are actually what’s known as “helical” magazines, a piece of equipment that organizes rounds in a spiral shape to maximize capacity and that is notorious for jamming, according to Pregent. Read more at Fox News.



  1. You can tell the fakery just from the videos. For example, the large trailers with missile canisters on them (rarely showing the missiles themselves) are traveling high on their tires.

    The North Koreans – like the Iranians – are phonies. If they’re lucky, their military apparatus will work maybe 10% of the time.


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