FAKE NEWS – AND EVIL: BBC Refuses To Cover Deadly Terror Attacks In Israel


The Israel Security Agency’s report on terror attacks (Hebrew) during September 2018 shows that throughout the month a total of 204 incidents took place: 70 in Judea and Samaria, 10 in Jerusalem and 124 in the Gaza Strip.

In Judea and Samaria, and in Jerusalem, the agency recorded 61 attacks with petrol bombs, eight attacks using improvised explosive devices (IEDs), seven arson attacks, one shooting attack and three stabbings.

Incidents recorded in Gaza included 66 attacks with petrol bombs, 35 attacks using IEDs and 23 grenade attacks. There were no cases of rocket or mortar fire during September.

One civilian was murdered and one member of the security forces was wounded in attacks that took place during September. The BBC News website did not produce any coverage at the time of the fatal stabbing in Gush Etzion on Sept. 16, but mentioned it a week later in a subsequent report.

The “Great Return March” violent rioting along the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, including the incident in which a soldier was injured in a grenade attack along on Sept. 21, was not the topic of any dedicated BBC News website news reports throughout the month.

In summary, visitors to the BBC News website saw very belated coverage of just one (0.49 percent) of the 204 terror incidents which took place during September.

Since the beginning of 2018, the BBC has reported 19.9 percent of the terror attacks that have actually taken place and 88.9 percent of the resulting fatalities.




  1. Exactly. And this is who Bibi/Lieberman have to bend over backwards to???! The secular leadership in Israel stinks to high heaven.

  2. Again and again we see how Israel treat Chareidim and don’t cover secular attacks on Chareidim, that is how the anti-semitic world out there treat Israel.

  3. since BBC supports the terror against de yidden etc so they have a hand in all the bloodshed that is done against our holy nation ..may it be the will of midas hadin as there are anyway terror bombings in britain let the next one be to obliterare all BBC building in britain (wo AS IT IS STATED uldnt mind NYT too) also the BDS, B’tzelem ETC AS IT IS STATED ‘B’AVOD RESHOIM RINA’


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