Faithless Electors in WA Defect From Clinton, Vote for Colin Powell and Faith Spotted Eagle


Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Native American activist and environmental activist Faith Spotted Eagle both received electoral votes today in Washington state after four electors declined to cast their votes for Hillary Clinton. Three electors gave their votes to Powell, who served as secretary of state under George W. Bush, while a fourth elector cast their vote for Faith Spotted Eagle. The votes were expected to go to Hillary Clinton, who won the state’s 12 electoral votes.

Elsewhere on Monday, other electors attempted to go rogue, to varying effect depending on state policies on so-called “faithless electors.” A Maine elector reportedly attempted to cast a vote for Bernie Sanders, but was made to change the decision to Clinton to accurately reflect the state’s popular vote tally. In Minnesota, an elector also attempted to switch his vote to Sanders and was replaced after he refused to vote for Clinton, who won the state’s popular vote by a mere 45,000 votes. Read more at KOMO NEWS.



  1. Why didn’t the corrupt DNC allow them to cast their votes for Sanders? Only the Republicans must defect? What a double standard.

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