Facebook Under Fire for Permitting Anti-Vaccination Groups


is facing pressure to block anti-vaccination pages and groups that are spreading misinformation, The Guardian reports. The “anti-vaxxers” reportedly operate in closed groups, some of which tout the benefits of other “natural” remedies to replace vaccines. One closed group, called Vitamin C & Orthomolecular Medicine for Optimal Health, reportedly states that it is “neutral” on the vaccine topic, but some of the group’s 49,000 members have discussed the use of vitamin C to protect against measles and other illnesses. The leader of the group, Katie Gironda, reportedly sells her own high-dose vitamin C products in the group—charging over $400 for 24-pound bags of vitamin C powder.

Spokeswoman of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, told the newspaper that Facebook needs to do more. “Parents deserve the truth,” she said. “If they are being served up something that is not true it will likely increase their levels of anxiety and fear and potentially change their uptake of vaccines, which is dangerous.” Facebook reportedly did not respond to the newspaper’s request for comment on the anti-vaxx groups. This comes after Washington state imposed a state of emergency last month after 48 people contracted measles. Read more at The Guardian.



  1. Corrupt Big Pharma is losing thousands of dollars daily because of mass amount of people who have woken up to the dangerous vaccinations which one needs to inject every 3 years for the rest of your life to maintain immunity. (Adults (even as old as 40) contracting measles today after double vaccinations is best proof of its worthlessness.)

    • Don’t get confused by the facts or the statistics. You don’t have to vaccinate every three years to get lifetime immunity.

      “Big pharma is losing thousands of dollars” Pharma is a billion dollar industry, I doubt it’s losing “thousands”.

      How many adults (percentage) are contrafting measles today after double vaccination?

      The lies anti-vaxxers are spewing are killing people, and the government – yes, the government – is wising up to it

      • Get it into your brainwashed head: Vaccine is NOT NOT NOT lifetime immunity. This is a fact proven clearly by those who’ve contracted measles in the last few months were adults and got their double vaccination. What does that show? Why are vaxxers so naive? When will you stop trusting Fake News?

        You can test it yourself. Get any person who was vaccinated about 5 years ago exposed to children with measles and voila! in another few weeks he contracts the measles himself. But that might be a dangerous experiment because it’s dangerous for adults to contract measles, unlike children where there were hardly any deaths ever.

        • vaccines are definitely not lifetime immunity
          we know that the pertussis vaccine doesn’t do much at all and there is no way to do a blood test and check titers for pertussis
          so they tell you to get 5 shots and then you are covered.
          but every pregnancy you must take another one.
          and even with taking one you can still contract pertussis
          as far as i know then only shot you can see titers on is the MMR vaccine / chicken pox
          so there is no way to know how long the other vaccines last
          but just take your vaccines
          they are very safe
          safe to the tune of 4 billion paid to vaccine injured people
          safe to the tune of the pharma companies threatened to stop making vaccines cuz there were too many lawsuits and hence the establishment of vaccine court in 1986 which was established to pay out those injured by vaccination and completely leave pharma with NO LIABILITY whatsoever
          what has happened to using those brain cells to analyze what is sitting right in front of you??

      • Our Chazal state: “Kol HaPosul, B’Mumo Posul” – All people who go around knocking everyone to be bad, are knocking others with what are really THEIR OWN faults!

        With the most vehement vile condemnations, you declare that people who — knowing the horrific dangers of vaccines — do not use them, are “Liars.” The truth though is that you fanatic deluded “Pro-Vaxxers,” are the ones who are the “Liars”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. they are coming out with so many new vaccines. it will be a health churban soon
    they will have one for the common cold and they will marketing it very cleverly as a coronavirus or rhinovirus and that it can be so dangerous and people die from it etc, it is very contagious etc …
    [The common cold is a viral infectious disease that infects the upper respiratory system. It is also known as acute viral rhinopharyngitis and acute coryza. It is the most common infectious disease in humans and is mainly caused by coronaviruses or rhinoviruses]
    the flu vaccine is now being combined with tamiflu to make it more effective.
    look up side effects of tamiflu – those are side effects when injested.
    cannot imagine what kind of side effects tamiflu will have when injected
    there are many other vaccines in the pipeline for illnesses that are never spoken about as dangerous but as soon as they have a vaccine all of a sudden it becomes a “State of emergency”
    what exactly happened to the 48 cases of MEASLES In Washington? ?????
    NOTHING!!!! they are got sick and recovered!!
    imagine that
    the lies and propaganda is being touted by the PRO VACCINE money making pharma groups NOT THE ANTIVAXXERS

    if vaccines were so great why would anyone not want them????????
    if vaccines were so great why would vaccine court have paid out more than FOUR BILLION DOLLARS to vaccine injured people?????

  3. Zuckerberg is a selfish little twerp. What does that dummy know about the dangers of vaccines? He’s too busy with Bill Gates trying to stymie world population. “There too many humans on this earth”. That’s why they are so excited about after-birth abortion and supporting planned parenthood!

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