Facebook to Change ‘Reporting Logic’ After NZ Shooter Video


Facebook has vowed to improve its “reporting logic” after no users flagged the New Zealand shooter’s video while it was live, hinting that it may introduce new reporting categories to deal with live terror attacks.

In a blog posted early Purim day, the company wrote: “During the entire live broadcast, we did not get a single user report. This matters because reports we get while a video is broadcasting live are prioritized for accelerated review.”

The blog explained that videos reported for suicide are given special priority for acceleration to moderators. However, when the Christchurch video was finally reported 12 minutes after the live broadcast ended, it was reported for reasons other than suicide and was therefore “handled according to different procedures” and not accelerated. The blog went on to say: “As a learning from this, we are re-examining our reporting logic and experiences for both live and recently live videos in order to expand the categories that would get to accelerated review.” Read more at Facebook Newsroom.



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