Facebook Removes Video Of Farrakhan Comparing Jews To Termites


Facebook has removed a video posted on Louis Farrakhan’s account that compared Jews to termites.

The social media network said that the video was taken down due to Facebook’s policies regarding hate speech, according to The Wrap.com.

In the video, Farrakhan responds to critics who call him an anti-Semite by explaining that he, instead, is “anti-termite.”


Read more at NY POST.



  1. Wow. It must have taken a lot of introspection and realignment of their moral compass to defend pivilidged Jews from an oppressed minority. Maybe someone will be fired on their staff for the decision?

  2. So this member of the planet of the apes hate the ‘ternits let his boycott what these ‘TERMTS” invnt
    1) https://www.facebook.com/notes/jesus-love-is-so-great/so-you-want-to-boycott-israel-heres-a-list-of-products-and-services-you-need-to/820698877940154


    Also let him enumerate what his planet of the Apes contributed to society
    By the way this posting is just directed to this accrsed Farrakan and his hateful followers especially those who laughed and cheered when he said this…Not to all othe peaceloving fellow human beings g-ds creation. But those who do not vigorly protest publicly are just as guilty as per torah law ‘mide lo michy shema mino d’nichay lohem’ l

  3. PS….
    and remember his hate is also against whites, the govt of USA ETC…by the way why doesnt he move to Africa…lets say the zulu tribe where you still use the ‘outhouses’?why does he live in a civilized world where he has to use the inventions white slaveowners invented like automobile, airlines, i pods, electric lights etc etc.AHHH, THAT NOT. HIPPCRATE!!!


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