Facebook Executive Joel Kaplan Under Fire For Backing Kavanaugh


Joel Kaplan, the head of global policy for Facebook, has faced a wave of internal criticism at the company for appearing at a Senate hearing in support of his friend, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Facebook convened a town hall meeting on Friday after hundreds of staffers excoriated Kaplan for appearing at last week’s hearing.


Kaplan functions as Facebook’s liaison with the US government. His friendship with Kavanaugh dates to when both served in the George W. Bush administration in top posts.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. if Facebook fires Kaplan we’ll start a BOYCOTT of Facebook and leave for their competitors

    he did nothing wrong by supporting a DECENT MAN

  2. Oiy vei zei gein zich nemen ibber yeder einer…if you’re not with them, you’re the enemy! The world is in chaos and that sick liberal movement has created it. Nobody is entitled to their own opinion only theirs is exactly what they are fighting for…having things THEIR WAY…CONFUSED PEOPLE NEBECH They want to be equal …have their voice heard, but take every one elses away…brainless…more or less


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