MANCHESTER TERROR: Police Report 20 Dead Following Blast At Concert In Manchester


An explosion at a pop concert in the northern English city of Manchester late Monday night left multiple people dead and an unknown number injured, according to police.

Witnesses interviewed by the BBC reported hearing a loud blast following a performance by American pop singer Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena.

Cell phone video showed chaotic scenes of people screaming and running in the aftermath of the blast. The arena was packed both with attendees and pink balloons that had fallen from the arena’s ceiling during the concert’s final song. Initially, concert-goers said they thought popping balloons had set off a panic.

But witnesses later reported seeing the prone bodies of those who had been injured and killed, as well as others who were streaked with blood and were staggering away from the scene.

The local hospital, Wythenshawe, said it was dealing with “mass casualties.” The local ambulance service advised the public to call only “for life-threatening emergencies.”

There was no immediate indication of what had caused the apparent blast. Heavily armed police and emergency services swarmed the arena.

Many of the concert attendees were teenagers. Witnesses reported that outside the arena, parents were frantically attempting to locate their children. “It was really scary,” Michelle Sullivan, who was attending the concert with her 12- and 15-year-old daughters, told BBC. “Just as the lights have gone down we heard a really loud explosion … Everybody screamed.”

“When we got out they just said ‘Keep on running, keep on running.'”

The singer was “OK,” a spokesman for Grande’s record label told Reuters.

Police urged people to stay away from the arena.

The arena has a capacity of 21,000. Manchester transport police said the explosion occurred in the foyer of the arena.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · Griff Witte



  1. No….don’t worry….the yeshiva ( i guess you refer to shaarei torah) and all other jewish institutions are many miles away from the area….

  2. Exactly. The British government is so dumb and stupid that they view Michael Savage as a greater threat to the safety of their putrid Country than a filthy Muslim terrorist who was already on their watch list! Good luck you idiots.

  3. Prayers for the people injured, maimed and killed in the terrible Manchester bombing last night.

    (The optimal solution to solve the Syrian conflict should be heeded now. The solution to the IS problem is directly connected to the optimal solution for Syria. The cancer of Syria must not be allowed to continue to metastasize. i.e. “Spillover”.)

  4. I agree with anonymous i also dont understand the above posts and I am not a troll.
    As a matter of fact the Arena is about three miles from the Yeshiva (and also my home) and about two miles from the start of the area where heimishe yidden live. Its very near.
    It is unlikely but not impossible for Yidden to have been at the concert, but human beings were killed and many injured and the killings are anyway indiscriminate.
    I believe that our government and the US govt (under Trump not Obama) are slowly getting it that Terrorism is pure evil and never has an excuse (not in our streets or the streets of Yerushalyim) and when EU wakes up to this then they can begin to sort it properly. It may unfortunately take further atrocities till that happens Chas Vesholom.

  5. We should arm Syria and Isis and let them kill each other off. Both are Jew haters and the faster they disappear the better.


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