Explorers Claim They Found Noach’s Tevah On Top Of Mountain In Iran


Noah’s Ark has been discovered on top of a mountain in Iran after petrified wooden beams were found on the summit, according to the latest conspiracy theories.

Researchers from the Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration Institute claim there is strong evidence that the ship is on the mountain of Takht-e-Suleiman.

The BASE group says they found wood fragments at the 15,000-foot elevation and took the samples to be analyzed in a lab. Furthermore, they found microscopic sea life in a rock sample, which is normally found at the bottom of the ocean.

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  1. I thought Mt. Ararat was in eastern Armenia.

    Oh well, there is more than one Lot’s wife (depending on which tour guide you use), so I guess there can be more than one Mt. Ararat.

  2. Well! After googling the location of Mount Ararat, this is the answer I got.
    Mount Ararat is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey between the provinces of Ağrı and Iğdır, near the border with Iran, Armenia and Nakhchivan exclave of Azerbaijan, between the Aras and Murat rivers.

    Notice it says, near the border with Iran. Guess they must’ve seen Osama bin laden or achmadinad there and figured they’re in Iran, so they flew off with no time for pics…


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