Experts’ Warning: Hackers Can Get Into Your Smartphone Through Chargers


cell-phone-chargersWhen your smartphone battery is on its last legs, a public cellphone charging station can be like spotting an oasis.

But as CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider reported Tuesday night, you may end up with much more than a charged battery after plugging in.

Smartphone users have plenty of stories of scrambling to find a charger. But a group of computer scientists have sent out a warning: be careful where you plug in. They presented a video at a computer hacking conference in Las Vegas last month, showing just how easy it is for hackers to alter chargers to steal your personal data.

“The target now, for hackers, is mobile devices, because everyone has them,” said Lance Ulanoff, editor-in-chief at Mashable. The small hacking device costs less than $50 to make. Read more at CBS 2.

{ Newscenter}


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