Expert Testifies to Congress that Obama’s ‘Ignoring Laws’ Could Lead to Overthrow of Government


michael-cannonDuring a congressional committee hearing about the constitutional limits imposed on the presidency and the implications of President Barack Obama’s disregard for implementing the Affordable Care Act as written, one expert testified that the consequences of the president’s behavior were potentially grave. He said that the precedent set by Obama could eventually lead to an armed revolt against the federal government.

On Tuesday, Michael Cannon, Cato Institute’s Director of Health Policy Studies, testified before a congressional committee about the dangers of the president’s legal behavior.

“There is one last thing to which the people can resort if the government does not respect the restrains that the constitution places on the government,” Cannon said. “Abraham Lincoln talked about our right to alter our government or our revolutionary right to overthrow it.”

“That is certainly something that no one wants to contemplate,” he continued. “If the people come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws then they will conclude that neither are they.”

“That is a very dangerous sort of thing for the president to do, to wantonly ignore the laws,” Cannon concluded, “to try to impose obligation upon people that the legislature did not approve.”

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  1. To prove the point – I am sure that many people would like to comment on this article but are afraid that the NSA will (illegally)come after them.

  2. With all due respect to Mr. Cannon, I do believe that the armed revolt scenario against The Dictator he describes is highly unlikely.

    The Dictator has not hesitated to use his powers to use the government to inflict inconvenience and pain during the sequester and shutdown episodes.

    The Dictator has not hesitated to use the government to spy on his rivals. In October The Dictator used the National Park Service agents to kick innocent people off of Federal lands. He will use IRS agents to enforce ObamaCare.

    If anyone dares to start an armed revolt against The Dictator, he will have his brown-shirted ACORNesque agents and black panther thugs at the ready to quell any challenges to his dictatorship.

    The Dictator is always on the side of the lawbreakers, not the lawmakers.


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