Expert: ‘Even the Koran Claims Israel Belongs to the Jews’


koranMiddle Eastern affairs professor Nissim Dana spoke to Arutz Sheva today about his upcoming book, To Whom Does This Land Belong?: New Insights into the Koran, and revealed that Islam absolutely does not have a claim to the Land of Israel – even by its own standards.

The Professor explained that the new book, published by the Bialik Institute and Ariel University, reveals several more insights into the Koran that remain unknown to the average Muslim and even some Muslim religious leaders.

Dana noted that top Islamic figures, such as Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi, have embarked on a fierce campaign to separate the Jewish people from their rightful homeland and claim that Muslims have a sacred right to the Land of Israel.

However, Professor Dana noted, Al Qaradawi’s efforts defy the Koran itself. Israel is mentioned eight times, according to the Professor, and there is not a single mention that it belongs to Arabs or Muslims. “Whenever there is a reference to the Land of Israel and to whom it belongs, the Koran points to the Jewish people,” Professor Dana explained. Read more at Arutz Sheva,

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  1. Funny. Mel Gibson (no lover of us Jews), in his Passion of the Christ film, only has Jews living in the Holy Land when his messiah lived. There are no Palestinians in his movie living anywhere in the Holy Land, just us lonely Jews. Thank you Mel Gibson.

  2. I read the koran and do not remember anywhere that it said that Israel belongs to the Jews rather I have the impression that Israel today is Dir al Islam and belongs to the Islamic world.

    BTW, I am Jewish and orthodox, but have read the koran and believe that we should know our enemy

  3. Clearly no expert in Muslim Tradition. Apparently not even fluent in Arabic. More like secular agitprop than honest and informed. Their scripture reiterates that Israel is favored and protected so long as it is faithful to its Bris obligations. Otherwise, they have the status of pagans. Which might be terribly politically incorrect for Dana to state (assuming Dana was even aware of this). The Answar and the Umayyad Caliphate honored and encouraged the yshivot and g’onim of Bavel, and officially persecuted Jews only for violation of universal criminal and civil law. Samaritans and Qaraites were occasionally persecuted for not following the halachah of the G’onim. Too bad the Canaanite PLO and Israel secularists are so confused about this.

  4. I have read both nuscho’ois of the Koran,nusach ashkenaz and sefard,and have found various differences between the two.Sefard seemd to favour our right to the land much more than Ashkenaz,so,it depends which version one looks at.


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