EXCLUSIVE: The Poignant Letter Rabbi Osher Eisemann’s Lawyer Read to the Judge Prior to Sentencing



  1. Mr. Vartan, you don’t have to feel that you failed Rabbi Eisemann. The deck was stacked against him from the beginning. He was prosecuted because he is an observant Jew, and the judge wanted to make an example of him. There were many opportunities that the judge had to show justice, many rulings that he should have made but did not, and it never would have reached this point. The “lenient” sentence is a ploy on his part to prevent the conviction from being overturned upon appeal; after all, Rabbi Eisemann could have been sentenced to 12 years as the prosecution requested, but he, the “benevolent” judge showed his “compassion” and “unbiased” views by giving him a much lighter sentence. You, Mr. Vartan, did exceptionally well under the circumstances. Thank you!


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