Ex-U.S. Gen.: Jews Ruin Everything


retired-lt-gen-jerry-boykinRetired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, the executive vice president of the social conservative group Family Research Council, was caught on mic Thursday at the National Security Action Summit joking that “the Jews are the cause of all the problems in the world” in response to an interview request by Israel National News.

He also said President Obama was using “subliminal messages” to send signals of support for al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“If you understand anything about Islam, there are subliminal messages,” Boykin said. “His message, really, I believe was, ‘I understand you, and I support you.'” Therefore, he said, al Qaeda and the Brotherhood know “that they have a president that identifies with them, that has been supportive of them inside the United States, and is unwilling to go against them.”

The summit is held by Frank Gaffney for speakers who are not allowed to participate in CPAC. Gaffney has accused CPAC’s organizers of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The panel featuring Boykin had its video feed shut down, but the audio continued being broadcast, catching Boykin’s remarks. Read more at Southern Law Poverty Center.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The headline you have here is improper and misleading. If one follows the link given to the SPLC (an extreme left wing, liberal group) site that reported it, even they admitted that the remark about the Jews was in the joking category, as you yourself wrote, and that the Jewish reporter was laughing when he heard it, showing clearly that it was made in jest.

    Please change it to something like “Ex-U.S. Gen. Jokes: Jews Ruin Everything”, as you don’t want to be allied with the extreme left wing SPLC to hurt the conservative general, who makes some important points.

  2. Nothing new that we are hated….but….in Adar we remember the story of Haman…and so..we can be consoled. The mapula is almost in sight.

  3. Grab this guy and put him in a stock room filled with his own lost brotherhood. He will have plenty of company. Never Again.

  4. A Mets pitching coach got into real big trouble for using the word “Chinaman”.

    Lets see how much not-P.C. outrage this ridiculous Anti-Semetic assertion from Boykin gets in the liberal media.

  5. “(an extreme left wing, liberal group)”

    Yeah, it is extreme left wing liberal to be putting hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan out of business. We need more extreme left wing liberals!

  6. Left wing liberals are the destruction of America and all its morals. They are the primary force behind kosvim kesuba lezochor which will destroy America as Rabbi Avigdor Miller predicted.

    Obamacare, the destruction of jobs, the advance of illegals over American citizens can be placed directly at the door of evil Leftist liberals. Unfortunately, misguided Jews support this wicked group.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is an off the wall extreme Leftist group that lies and distorts to advance their agenda and money grubbing.

  7. Charlie – the SPLC has moved far beyond that (the KKK is ancient history by now, by the way). Now they push toeivah garbage and other nonsense, as can be seen on their website.

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