Ex PM Olmert Calls On Netanyahu To Resign


Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert gave an interview this week and had a message for current Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The 72-year-old former politician and lawyer who served as Israel’s 12th Prime Minister from 2006-2009 saw his political career came crashing to an abrupt end in a corruption scandal.

Similarly, Netanyahu has been embroiled in at least four separate scandals of his own, in addition to his wife’s recent indictment for fraud and breach of trust.

Having suffered his own political demise, Olmert shared some advice for Netanyahu, suggesting that he should resign with dignity and respect the State of Israel over his own personal interests.

“He should always remember that the dignity of the position of prime minister is more important than the personal interest of the person who is in that position at the particular time.”



  1. He sounds like John Brennan, Maxine Waters and the Deep State. Is Olmert also planning to conduct a coup to remove Netanyahu from office?

  2. Hmm, convicted felon Olmert is making himself an ethics expert. Are we supposed to laugh or are we supposed to be impressed with hutzpa.


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