Ex-Bill Clinton Lawyer Advises Against Hillary 2020


Lanny Davis said on Wednesday he would advise Hillary Clinton against launching another presidential bid.

“She has so much to give in public service, and for her sake and her family’s sake, I hope she doesn’t put herself through it again,” the former special counsel to President Bill Clinton told Hill.TV’s Krystall Ball and Buck Sexton on “Rising.”

Davis added that he does not know whether Hillary Clinton is actually considering another run.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Hopefully this super-criminal will be in jail soon where she could run for President among the prisoners. She’ll surely win the most popular vote even without fraud.

  2. Black wink of blood hard crime. This woman is the dunking out of any pride that the Democrats ever had.

    Today we are GOP.


  3. Honestly, she may run and she may win. She only lost by a few thousand votes in a few states last time. She won the popular vote by a large margin. She’ll only be 73 years old. Her biggest problem will be opposition within her own party.

    • You’re talking rubbish and parroting Fake News without putting an iota of brain into it. If only about 13% of American voted for her in 2016 (according to the NYT, Trump won 81%, Gary John and Jill Stein combined about 6%, so she won the remaining 13%), how in the world could she win, especially with the #Walkaway campaign to which millions of Leftists have joined? The rest of her official “winning” according to Fake News was all fraud. She indeed won the “popular” votes among the dead because Trump did not win any vote from these “people”.

      • You’re just a crazy Hannity listener. Only the true conservative, Jeb Bush, could have won the general election fair & square.
        We must end fertilizer pollution.

  4. Lanny better watch his back. He wouldn’t want to join Peter Smith & Seth Rich. Joe Biden knows that. That’s why Joe is still “thinking” about it but won’t run unless he knows for sure that Hillary is not.


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