Eweeee: Ramallah Sewage Reaches Modi’in Illit


Environmental inspectors discovered that raw sewage from Ramallah has infiltrated close to the chareidi town of Modi’in Illit.

“In the past few days, I discovered a large number of mosquitoes in the home of a type I never saw before,” said Mayor Mordechai Gutterman. “This was strange because we are meticulous in maintaining proper pest control. We also received complaints from residents that there is a large concentration of mosquitoes in various places in the city… This needs to be solved soon or there will be diseases here.”

Officials said the best solution is to arrange sewage treatment in the massive Arab town.

{Matzav.com Israel News} 


  1. Block up the valley so the sewage remains next to Ramallah, maybe then the PA will actually spend some money on infrastructure instead of terrorism!


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