EU Will Soon Require US Visitors To Apply For Visa-like Travel Pass


Americans traveling to Europe will soon have to add a new item to their packing lists.

Starting in 2021, the European Union will require US visitors to get a pre-approved, visa-like travel pass issued by the European Travel Information and Authorization System.

The permit will cost about $7.90 and will have to be requested at least four days before the journey, though permission will be good for three years and for multiple trips in and out of the Schengen Zone, which covers 26 countries.


Read more at NY POST.



  1. So it’s ok for the EU to allow millions of Muslims to enter from the middle-east who are trying to turn Europe into a sharia-ruled caliph but when it comes to Americans, nah. Let them apply for a special visa. How about us all not traveling there anymore?

    • A similar policy is already followed by usa since the days of president Obama. President Trump did not change it. Look up esta.

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