EU Ambassador: ‘Unacceptable’ To Fire Against Civilians


European Union Ambassador to Israel Emanuele Giaufret on Saturday night responded to the barrage of rockets fired from Gaza into Israeli territory.

In a tweet, Giaufret wrote, “Following reports of rockets fired to southern Israel from Gaza. Indiscriminate firing against civilian targets is unacceptable. Very concerned for the situation, and the possibility of further escalation. Need to restore calm and step back from the brink.”

Since Friday, Gaza terrorists have fired over 200 rockets at Israeli territory. At least 20 of these were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, and at least 73 others landed in open fields.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. The CHUTZPAH of the EU. Why should Israel give a hoot to the EU? Who are they to meddle in a sovereign country? And Israel SHOULD destroy the rockets even those hidden in UN schools.

    • Why did he wake up only after three months of fires? T h a t was acceptable to him. Once Israel retaliated, t h e n it suddenly is not acceptable. So he put it diplomatically, because now the instigators are getting hit back. Got it?

  2. Where was this irrelevant genius when one of his member nations, Germany, did that during their extensive campaign to exterminate the Jews!!

  3. Solving Gaza is very simple. Most of those Arabs lived by in poverty would live to go to Europe. We get rid of two enemies with one boat. Row them over by free boats to Europe. Let them destroy each other.

  4. Nonetheless, Israel should tone down the inflammatory rhetoric. Both sides should sit down by the negotiating table.

  5. It’s written vaguely, but it seems to be supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, not criticizing it.

  6. of course he is supporting israel but what kind of a word is he using–unacceptable? the whole world, especially the EU, finds it quite acceptable to do away with israel. in real terms, what that ambassador said is unacceptable. actually, it’s meaningless


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