Engineers Dismissed Risks From Crack in Florida Bridge Hours Before Collapse


Engineers involved in the construction of the pedestrian bridge that collapsed near Florida International University on Thursday concluded there were no “safety concerns” from a crack in the structure just hours before it crashed down on cars, killing at least six. A statement released by the university on Saturday said the crack was discussed by representatives from Figg Bridge Engineers, the bridge’s construction manager, and university authorities prior to the collapse, but engineers decided “the crack did not compromise the structural integrity of the bridge.” The meeting came two days after a lead engineer left a voicemail with a Transportation Department official about “some cracking” in the structure.

The new details emerged as authorities uncovered more bodies in the wreckage on Saturday, with a 37-year-old construction worker and 18-year-old college student among the identified victims. Police have said they expect to uncover more bodies once the rubble is cleared. Read more at THE NEW YORK TIMES.



  1. They inspected this bridge “just hours before it collapsed”, like the shooting in Florida which happened “just hours after they had the drill”. With so much corruption in the FBI and Deep State, does anyone believe it was coincidence?


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