Emmanuel Macron Warns Trump Over Plan to Recognize Yerushalayim as Israel’s Capital


France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, joined leaders from Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and the Arab League in speaking out against recognizing Yerushalayim as the capital of Israel, which would overturn decades of American policy.

In a phone call with the president, Mr. Macron “expressed his concern with the possibility that the United States might unilaterally recognize Jerusalem as capital of the State of Israel,” according to a statement issued by the French government.

“Mr. Macron,” the statement said, “reaffirmed that the status of Jerusalem must be resolved through peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, and particularly those relating to the establishment of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security with Jerusalem as their capital.” Read more at NY Times.




  1. I wonder how many people or countries had to agree what was going to be the capital of France, or Italy, or Germany, or Spain, or America, etc. Did they call all the nations of the world and say is it okay if we call our capital this place or that city or that county. If Israel is suppose to be a sovereign nation why do they have to ask anyone where their capital is or will be, do they need permission, if so therefore Israel is really a banana republic and has to ask permission of all their laws and rules to the nation or nations that rule it.

  2. The French should not comment on anything related to the Jews. They are a bunch of cowardly losers who collaborated with the nazis and are now under control of radical muslims. They have no right to comment on anything related to peace and security, two things they have never had and probably never will.


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