Urgent: Int’l Space Station Cooling Fails


space-stationThe International Space Station’s cooling system failed this evening, according to NASA. The situation was described as urgent, but not an emergency, as the station focused on conserving power and routing the cooling system through one working loop after a second stopped working.

The issue may require a space walk, NASA said, which allows the six on-board astronauts to exit the station. Read more at The Epoch Times.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Dear Mr. Baller,

    I am sure you are aware that there is probably no purpose to be a “Jew in Space” other than notoriety since the jew’s mission is to pride the world of the Earth with a friendship in person and in the light of Torah. Torah is not going to shine at the altitude of the outer limits unless there is a true calling for a Jew to be in the confines of another earthly orbit other than Honor and Dignity.

    Of course that is a truth, but in your case, you fail to realize that Torah requires Answering Trust with Trust. And that means we believe that the non-jew and maybe even a jewish soul should be afforded true opportunity for growth and understanding.

    So your idea of “letting the space station fall” because presumably you think that science is not a virtue and you think that perhaps there is a better way of life that does not involve extraplanetary exploration is really a violation of the Spirit of Hashem’s Blessing.

    Torah is not a centerpiece for your jewelry collection.


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