Emails Show Huma Abedin In Charge Of Hillary Clinton’s Earpiece


Wednesday evening, NBC news conducted a “Commander in Chief Forum” hosted by Matt Lauer, and it allowed both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, at different times, to take questions in front of a boisterous military only crowd.

During the forum, Hillary Clinton spoke first. While speaking, she took a moment to brush her hair off of her ear a little, and in doing so she revealed that something was inside of her ear. So millions are demanding an answer to the question: Was Hillary Clinton wearing an earpiece during last night’s presidential forum? This isn’t a conspiracy theory either, because the photo evidence is particularly strong in this case and clearly shows that Hillary was hiding something in her ear.

Now, it seems that this is not the first time Hillary has worn an earpiece. In a WikiLeaks email release, Julian Assange reveals that Huma Abedin, Hillary’s long-time top aide, asked Hillary, “Did u take your earpiece or do I need to get it?”


Of course, the earpiece could have just been a hearing aid, although there doesn’t appear to be any admission or record of Hillary wearing one in the past. Others claim it’s merely a reflection of studio lights. You be the judge. Conservative Daily Post




  1. Don’t you think the Clinton campaign would’ve issued a denial if it wasn’t an earpiece that allowed her to receive help during the event?

  2. The choice for President couldn’t be clearer:
    * Jason Dov Greenblatt, an Orthodox Jew, has been a leading employee and advisor of Donald Trump for many years.
    * Huma Abedin has been Hillary’s long-time top advisor.

  3. Exactly. I noticed the same thing. What is “State.goy”??? We know she’s a goy, but that is NOT a government/state issued email address. This brings into question, the whole Wikileaks legitimacy.

  4. The email says it all. Clinton wears an earpiece. We just don’t know if it is for hearing or to be feed information by her staff. Have you ever noticed that during this show and in the debates, Clinton also has a short sentence or two prologue before she starts answering a question? And then she talks slowly, well slower than most people. Additionally, the NYPD who were provided security to the event stated that Clinton was wearing an earpiece.

    Also, during a couple of her speeches she appears to suddenly “draw a blank” – like either her earpiece stopped working or she is being fed to much information at one time.

    During one of debates with Sanders, at a break, Clinton was spotted conferring with a staff member. This is against the rule and regulations of the debates. Candidate are not allow to have external communications at any time during the debate and that includes breaks. Maybe that’s why she had an extended bathroom break at the first debate?

    Clinton needs to be thoroughly search and “wanded” for electronic devices for the debate. Everything she says and does should not be taken at face value – she just cannot be trusted.

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