Elizabeth Warren Releases 2018 Tax Return Showing Family Income Exceeding $900,000


Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday released her 2018 tax return, which showed more than $900,000 in family income. The move made her the latest presidential candidate to provide the most recent personal finance information as Democratic rivals pressure one another to be more transparent and counter President Trump’s unwillingness to release any of his tax documents.

Warren’s tax return release followed that of several other candidates – including Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee – and came a day after Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., promised to release his returns by Monday.

In August, Warren released 10 years of her tax returns, a period that covers her tenure representing Massachusetts in the Senate. She has filed legislation that would require the Internal Revenue Service to release the tax returns of presidential and vice presidential candidates for the previous eight years, as well as during each year in federal elective office.

“There’s a crisis of faith in government – and that’s because the American people think the government works for the wealthy and well-connected, not for them,” Warren said in a statement. “And they’re right. I’ve put out eleven years of my tax returns because no one should ever have to guess who their elected officials are working for. Doing this should be law.”

According to her returns, Warren and her husband, Bruce Mann, reported earning $905,742 in total income, including $176,280 from her Senate salary and $324,687 from her books. She and Mann, a Harvard Law School professor, paid $230,965 in taxes. They reported donating $50,138 to charity.

Sanders pledged in February to release 10 years of tax returns, and several times has said they would come out “soon.” On Tuesday, he said they would be released by April 15, and would reveal that he is a millionaire, which he attributed to income from a book deal.

Former congressman Beto O’Rourke of Texas, who entered the presidential contest in March, has said that he plans to release his tax returns but has not said when.

Former vice president Joe Biden, who is likely to enter the race later this month, has released 18 years of tax returns covering a time period up to 2015. He has not yet committed to releasing additional returns.

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  1. So much for being like the little guy. These sleazy slimy politicians have no clue of what it means to work hard and still have to struggle to raise and support a family.

  2. Has she declared also those accounts out of the country???Most of congress and most of other government so called elected representatives are millionaires with out of the country accounts. this little salary she declares, poor thing, as her earnings and savings etc. I don’t know how they can make it with living in Washington DC with million dollar houses and very expensive apartments, etc. Nebech.

  3. forgotten taxpayer,

    I am not a big fan of Warren but she actually grew up in near poverty. Her parents worked for retail stores and her father had severe and expensive health problems. Her undergraduate and law degrees are from state universities — if she gets elected President she will be the first President since Ronald Reagan to not have a degree from an Ivy League university. For most of her adult life she was a Republican until she finally realized that most Republicans only pretend to care about the welfare of people like her family.

    Compare to Trump who was gifted tens of millions of dollars by his uber-rich father, who had previously bought Trump a place at the University of Pennsylvania.

    I would prefer that she remain in the Senate and lead a very necessary reform of the bankruptcy laws, on which she is an expert. Among other things, changes are needed to prevent people like Trump from abusing them.


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