Elizabeth Warren: 2016 Democratic Primary Was Rigged for Hillary


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Thursday backed former Democratic National Committee chief Donna Brazile’s assessment that the 2016 Democratic primary was “rigged” in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders,the Daily Beast reports.

Appearing on CNN, Warren said the DNC’s new chair, Tom Perez, is either “going to succeed by bringing Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders’ representatives into this process … or he’s going to fail.” Warren’s comments follow Brazile’s assertion, published Thursday by Politico, that she found “proof” that the primary was “rigged” in Clinton’s favor: a fundraising agreement between the Clinton campaign and the DNC that was reached long before the former secretary of state won the Democratic nomination.



  1. Stories like this one are why we have President Trump.
    Our choices were the Cheeto or the Cheato. “Honesty” to Hillary Clinton is as foreign a language as Yiddish is to a Klingon.

  2. She is such a phony. If it really bothered her, why didn’t she speak up then? She knew very well what was taking place?
    As always, the Democrats ALWAYS circle the wagon for one of their own. Even if it is they who are getting screwed. It doesn’t matter. Protect, defend, cover-up for a fellow Democrat. Never show any weakness towards a Democrat nominee. Any weakness is looked upon as caving in to the Republicans. All Republicans are evil vile people who are racist and if given the chance they would grab the food out of the mouths of minority children. Then, they would kick black seniors out of their nursing homes.

  3. I think there’s a limud zechus for Hillary: She is so completely corrupt, that it never occurred to her that there was anything wrong with rigging the Democratic primary.

  4. Will Elizabeth Warren change her tune now that Donna Brazile changed her mind and claims she didn’t write it in her book, even though it’s in black on white?


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