Elizabeth Edwards Dies of Cancer at 61


john-edwardsElizabeth Edwards, who as the wife of former Senator John Edwards gave America an intimate look at a candidate’s marriage by sharing his quest for the 2008 presidential nomination as she struggled with incurable cancer died Tuesday at her home in Chapel Hill, N.C. She was 61.Her family confirmed the death. A family friend said Mrs. Edwards was surrounded by family and friends when she died shortly after 10:15 a.m. On Monday, two family friends said that her cancer had spread to her liver and that doctors had advised against further medical treatment.

Mrs. Edwards posted a Facebook message to friends on Monday, saying, “I have been sustained throughout my life by three saving graces – my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience and hope.” She added: “The days of our lives, for all of us, are numbered. We know that.”

In a life of idyllic successes and crushing reverses, Mrs. Edwards was an accomplished lawyer, the mother of four children and the wife of a wealthy senator with sights on the White House. But their 16-year-old son was killed in a car crash, cancer struck her at age 55, the political dreams died.

Mrs. Edwards, a savvy political adviser who took on major roles in her husband’s two campaigns for the White House, learned she had a tumor on Election Day 2004, when the Democratic ticket – Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and Mr. Edwards, his running mate from North Carolina – lost to President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

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  1. Dear Mr. Einstein,

    On behalf of fellow Matzav readers, I sincerely thank you for your opinion. However, I, and presumably many other- fully disagree with you. Please, when you speak, do so respectfully. Thank you

  2. I look upon these poeple with pity.

    It is a shmae that such a nice, caring woman ended up with a creep like him. What kind of a man does that especially when she has yeneh mchla? Ladies, put yourself in her shoes, and gentlemen, be happy that you aren’t like him, G-d willing.

  3. There were some more crushing disappointments in her life aside from cancer, the death of her son, and her husband’s failed presidential bid…

  4. How tasteless to put up a picture of her estranged ex-husband. What a sleazebag. How can you put up a picture of a person who hurt Elizabeth Edwards so much. A little more sensitivity, please.

  5. I’m sorry to report to Mr Einstein, but a picture could not be placed of her because she is dead, and that would sort of gross people out.
    Additionally, I believe the family would find it disrespectful to take a posthumous picture of her.

  6. Yes, you don’t have to be an Einstein; put up a picture of her kids, the map of NC, nothing, but not this person. No one needs to see his face.

  7. I did not realize that it would be improper to post the pictures of people who are now dead. Perhaps all such pictures should be removed from the site…

    I am quite certain that there is a nice picture of her out there somewhere and that the family would much prefer her picture to be in this short article then that of her husband.

  8. There is nothing wrong with posting a picture of a tzniusdik women on a website. This is krumkeit to erase all images of women from our media.

  9. Not posting pictures of women is not krumkeit it is freikeit. It is a perversion of yidishkeit no different than perversions made by those on the left (eg Avi Weiss).

  10. Can you please, please get that picture down?
    Fine if you don’t want to put up her picture; you don’t need any image at all then.

  11. Let this not become a referendum on a reasoned position not to post women’s faces. The fact remains, no one should have to see a picture of this slimebag when we come on to this site.
    You can always submit your position to Readers Write for such a conversation.

    Stick to the program posters. Keep complaining. Every hour on the hour.

  12. Could a moderator or editor defend the decision to keep this louse’s picture as the graphics, rather than just about anything else?

    Again, I do not want to go off on the tangent of women’s pictures. That’s not productive on this particular article’s comment section; it can be taken elsewhere. I am simply appalled that we have to see his picture every time we go on Matzav.

  13. tzippi — all politicians are slimebags. I’m sure you equally oppose a picture of slimebag Bill Clinton as you do with John Edwards.

    In any event B”H Matzav follows Gedolei Yisroel who said not to publish female pictures in Chareidi publications. I take Gedolei Yisroel over anon commenter’s.

  14. To Ben Torah: I said, no issue with the no woman policy. But some slimebags are clearly prisoners to weaknesses, others seem to have an evil streak.

    And you know what? If Hillary predeceases the pres and Mashiach still hasn’t come yet, maybe Matzav shouldn’t put the pres’s picture up either.

  15. tzippi — Bill Clinton did everything slimy John Edwards did, and worse. Clinton is clearly much much slimier than Edwards.

    Why with Clinton its a “maybe” they shouldn’t put up his picture, but with Edwards you say it is a vadai?

  16. 29, I’m thinking about this. I guess the major thing is that as all the news reports said, Mrs. Edwards was estranged. I think we can leave the discussion at this. And Matzav gets points for not publishing a more flattering picture, I guess.


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