Eli Yishai Helps Prevent Demolition of Home of Rav Aryeh Levin zt”l


rav-aryeh-levinThe scheduled demolition of the home of Rav Aryeh Levin zt”l, the “Tzaddik of Yerushalayim,” was halted due to the efforts this week of Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who intervened to resolve the problem after attention was raised by MK Chaim Amsalem.

The decision to halt the demolition was hailed by several MKs, including MK Herzog and MK Aryeh Eldad, who merited to have Rav Levin as their sandek at their brisos.

Amsalem said that “Rav Levin was a chad bedoro (one in a generation), and was accepted in all circles, religious and secular Jews, Chassidim, Litvishe, and Sefardim.”

Rav Levin was the father-in-law of the posek hador, Maran Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv shlit”a.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. What was this all about? Is it me or is this article totally lacking in substance? why were they planning to demolition the home in the 1st place.

  2. It is in a very poor area behind Machne Yehuda, near the bialistock yeshiva. the streets are very narrow and my impression is that this must be what the old Gettoes looked like. I had done some work on his furniture in the apartment for ReB Arye’s daughter who was living there with her husband with the original furnishings. It was of course clean and well kept but it was ancient. This was about 15 years ago, I think Reb Lazer was the husband and if I recall he was nifter at least 5 years ago.


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