Eli Cohen Calls For Mass Voter Turnout To Defeat ‘Extremism’ In Beit Shemesh


beit-shemesh-eli-cohenBeit Shemesh mayoral candidate Eli Cohen said at a poorly attended rally tonight that the only way to defeat “extremism” in the city was to ensure mass turn-out in the upcoming repeat municipal elections.

“Only if all of us, all the residents of Beit Shemesh, will come and vote will be able to defeat the extremism that has taken control of the city,” said Cohen to the crowd of several hundred city residents.

The repeat elections are now scheduled for March 11. Read more here.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Thought you were a frum site….
    All the gedolei yisroel have called for trying to reelect Abutbol who is shomer shabbos and listens to rabbonim, as opposed to this mechalel shabbos who is against chareidim!!!

    Shame on you !

    A man who ran an anti chareidi campaign, who ran a campaign based on sinas chinam, sinas chareidim, and an “chareidi vs non chareidi” campaign — to give him a voice, to treat him as a candidate of choice

    Shame on you !

    I am SHOCKED that you would put Dov Lipmans candidate on here and give him platform for anything!

    Shame on you !!!!!


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