Election Victory Belongs To You


josh-mehlmanBy Josh Mehlman, Chairman FJCC

This past January, in the re-districting process, our community was divided by certain political interests, with the goal of diminishing our voting power.

The result: we lost being the majority in our own community’s’ City Council district. Last night, we won our district back. Against all odds, with tremendous Siyata Deshmaya, our community mobilized, VOTED, and the results are obvious.

The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, FJCC, was established with strong Rabbinic backing to unite the greater Flatbush community, and insure we are organized to work within the political process for the betterment of all.

Many Yeshivas and Bais Yaakovs, Shuls and klal organizations, worked seamlessly with us to educate and get out the vote. Kudos to all our members who worked relentlessly to make this a reality. We are honored to have on our team many, very talented, politically savvy askonim in Flatbush who work day and night letovas haklal. It is inspiring to witness their dedication. Special thanks to our Honorary Co-Chairman, Malcolm Hoenlein for his guidance, encouragement and involvement.

Our unprecedented Mayoral forums for the Democrats and Republicans held in our neighborhood, addressed our issues. Leadership meetings with multiple candidates for citywide and local elected office, have put the Flatbush Jewish community back on the map where it belongs. As a community, we must build on this success to generate the much needed support for our Mosdos and struggling families. It is apparent to all how so few votes truly makes all the difference. Our Gedolim and Rabbonim always took the time to vote, and stated that it’s a Mitzvah to do so. The FJCC was founded to give the community a voice in democracy. For that voice to be heard we must all continue to work together and come out even stronger on November. The elected officials have taken notice.

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